Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Les Genets, Sablet

The first Sunday of February was a beautiful sunny Provençal day. Although, there was a little snow here and there left over from recent snow storms, the roads were dry and it was a great day to be out and about.

I had gone to Montpellier the day before to do some shopping, specifically buy a sofa/sleeper at Ikea and then spend the night with my cousins who live in Clapier, a village located northwest of town.

To be truthful, I had gone to visit my cousins to borrow their Espace so I could transport the sofa/sleeper back to Sablet and get it into the house.

As we arrived close to Sablet, Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail were clearly visible in the distance over the vineyards. For my California friends who ask me about the weather in Provence during January and February, we get some snow (some years more than others), but you also have beautiful weather like this day.

It was just before noon when we finished unloading the sofa/sleeper and we decided, my cousins Jean Marc and Christine Davy and me, that we should go find a place to go eat déjeuner, lunch.

On the D977 just outside Sablet is Les Genets, a restaurant and wine shop featuring the food and wines of the region. We have eaten there a number of times, the first time right after we signed the papers at the Notaires office finalizing the purchase of the house.
Les Genêts has a pretty dining room and large terrace with views of Sablet and the Dentelles de Montmirail for dining on warm days.
We were among the first diners to arrive and we were warmly greeted and seated despite the fact that we had not réserver, made a reservation for lunch that Sunday. As has been our usual experience, it doesn't take very long for this restaurant to be complet, full.

My wonderful cousins Jean Marc and Christine Davy, both physicians, he a cardiologist and she a pediatrician at Les Genêts. They are probably the most generous people I know.

Les Genêts prepares simple, tasty dishes using locally sourced ingredients. The price value ratio is wonderful; during the week, they serve a 3 course formule, prix fixe menu at lunch with 1/4 liter of house wine for 12,50 Euros. You can't beat it.
As soon as we were seated, an amuse bouche was brought out for us to taste while we perused the menu for the day. Thankfully, the pictures are quite self-explanatory because I lost my notes about what we ate that day. I do recall, that everything was very good.

I ordered the salad with duck confit and locally made goat cheese.

Jean Marc ordered the foie gras. Christine as is her habit, only ordered a plat, or main course.

Christine ordered Coquilles St Jacques which were nicely presented on a platter with their accompaniments.

I ordered the roast squab, pigeon which was accompanied by a mixture of roasted vegetables.

Jean Marc ordered the chevreuil with polenta.

For dessert, we shared a sampler of house-made desserts.

To accompany our meal, we enjoyed a bottle of red wine from Sablet. A very nice meal! Les Genets is a good place especially for lunch; get there right at 12 or make sure you reserve. We have been turned away because they were complet, full, several times.


  1. Wow, 12.50 can't be beat! I love regional restaurants, and am always pleased when I leave Paris to find such a better rapport qualité/prix. :)

  2. Hi,

    This is Sharon from Vaison, back again with a question. Have you been to Les Genets lately? I have never eaten there, but have heard VERY mixed reviews, ranging from "there is nothing decent to eat" to " a great place."
    In this review of yours it looks quite good. So ???