Sunday, October 10, 2010

La Maison d'Eglantine, Séguret

If you are a regular reader of Our House in Provence blog, you probably know that Séguret is a very pretty village located about two km northeast of Sablet.

As you can see in the picture, Séguret is elevated above the vineyards that separate the two villages and stretches in a narrow band across the hill.

Wife Shirley's favorite morning walk is to head out on the path through the vineyards up to Séguret and then walk through the village before heading back to Sablet on the connecting road.

We have been to Séguret many times, starting with our first visit to Sablet as that is where the immobilier (realtor) who introduced us to our home in Sablet has his office.

We have eaten in several restaurants including Le Mesclun, checked out the art gallery, and visited the santon maker but somehow we had missed La Maison d'Eglantine.

That is we missed it until my friend Cherry and her daughter Kirsten spent two weeks in Sablet and posted pictures on Facebook and talked about the charming café where they ate in Séguret.

Cherry said the café serves déjeuner - lunch so Shirley and I decided to try it out. We found La Maison d'Eglantine on a narrow cobblestone street in the center of Séguret.

The café entrance has Salon de Thé (tea room) inscribed on a sign above the door.

We stepped down into La Maison d'Eglantine and were greeted by monsieur and shown to a small dining room with wood beams on the ceiling and rough stone walls at the back of the cafe.

The dining room was empty so we chose a table in front of a narrow window with a gorgeous view across the vineyards to Sablet.

Lunch options besides the various baked goods the café sells are limited. On this day, the options were a cheese tart and pissaladière, a pizza-like dish with caramelized onions, anchovies and olives, served with a vegetarian salad.

We decided to try one of each and a glass of chilled rosé from the region. While monsieur tends to the front of the café and takes your order, madame cooks upstairs and then brings the food downstairs to your table.

Generous portions of the simply prepared tart and pissaladière were brought out along with a bowl of the salad for us to share. It was a perfect lunch for a hot day.

The café also sells glaces - ice cream, and we both chose a trio of different flavors to try; my trio included dark chocolate, coffee and hazelnut.

Shirley chose chocolate, coffee and orange ice creams.

Before long, we were joined by other diners including this couple with their dog.

If you drive to Séguret, you have to park your car in the parking lot located at the entrance to the village as Séguret is restricted to pedestrians-only. It is a short walk up the hill through the arched portail into Séguret.


  1. The photo of your wine, cheese tart and pissaladière is perfection!

  2. Ooh makes me wish I was there again!! Your picture from the window towards Sablet is sooo much better than any of ours!! :-) Cherry

  3. Sara - I like it too. Yummy picture. I have to give Shirley the credit for this picture.

    Cherry - Thanks for the recommendation. I was happy to find out they will be open when we are back in Sablet for the holidays.

    Hillary - Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope all is well with you.