Monday, January 17, 2011

Family Lunch at Chez Serge in Carpentras

We have been planning and looking forward to our time in Sablet with our children and grandchildren for more than one year. I knew before we left that we would spend time shopping for kids clothes come rain or shine or snow. As some of you know, wife Shirley and daughters Tricia and Stephanie love French kids clothes.

I also knew that being such a large group, ten in all, 6 adults and 4 kids ranging in age from 4 years down to 7 weeks that it would not be practical to eat many meals in restaurants during our séjour in Sablet. I figured we would be eating most meals at home and any restaurants we ate in would have to be sort of kid friendly and moderately priced.

First thing one morning, a day or two after we got to Sablet, Shirley told me that she and the daughters wanted to shop in Carpentras. By the time everyone was dressed, petit déjeuners - breakfasts, were eaten and clean up done, it looked like stores would probably be closed for lunch by the time we got to Carpentras.

So our choices were eat lunch at home and go afterwards or go to Carpentras and eat lunch in a restaurant. Shirley and I have enjoyed several simple lunches at a restaurant called Chez Serge after the Friday morning market for a very modest price. So we decided that we would go to Carpentras and eat there.

Chez Serge is located in Carpentras about 25 minutes from Sablet on rue Cottier just off of Avenue Jean Jaurès, one of the major roads that together make a ring around the center of Carpentras and very near where a major section of the Friday morning market is set up.

As you can imagine, the not so secret to enjoying lunch in a restaurant with a large group including four small children entails a fair amount of patience and attention from the adults so the little ones stay occupied and quiet while you wait to order and then wait again for food.

Dining with small kids is also more enjoyable if you have a genial restaurant host and thoughtful staff which Serge Ghoukassian and his staff are. This is in marked contract with our experience with an Avignon restaurant the next day. The pictures which follow are snap shots of our lunch at Chez Serge.

Son-in-law Earl Pasamonte and daughter Stephanie with baby Madison and Dylan outside of Chez Serge.

Daughter Tricia with Avery waiting patiently for lunch.

Tricia's husband Alvin and Caedon looking at pictures on Alvin's camera while they wait for lunch.

Son-in-law Earl Pasamonte and baby Madison.

Shirley enjoying a good hearty laugh.

Baby Madison sleeping peacefully while we enjoy our lunch and time together.

Daughter Stephanie and son Dylan waiting for lunch to be brought to the table.

Now for the food; the adults ordered the 3 course "formule du midi" offered Monday through Friday for 15 Euros. We ordered three cheese pizzas for the kids, one would have been large enough for them to share. We selected a bottle of the 2008 Domaine Beaurengard Côtes du Rhône off the extensive wine list to accompany lunch.

Starter choices for the "formule du midi" were chèvre in a beggar's purse with greens or

cream of zucchini soup. Avery and Dylan tasted the soup and liked it so much we ordered a portion for both of them.

Choices for main course for the "formule du midi" were a beef fillet with mashed potatoes and a yummy creamy peppercorn sauce or

or cod fillet with mashed potatoes and a beurre blanc sauce.

Dessert choices were an apple tart or

molten chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce.

Chez Serge was a very good choice for lunch. We love having our children and grandchildren with us and showing them around the area. After lunch the ladies headed out to shop and the boys took the kids to ride the carousel.

Bonne journée et a bientôt.


  1. Looks like a fun time. i've never been up to that area. Enjoy your time with your big family!

  2. We have good friends that live in Carpentras and we visit quite a bit so I'm definitely taking a note of Chez Sarge, might even pop in this weekend

  3. Hope the girls had good shopping afterwards!

  4. It can be tricky dining out with a big group in France, even if there aren't any children! I'm glad you were all able to enjoy a nice meal and each other's company.

  5. Looks delicious!
    And so happy to hear you found a resto that is "kid-friendly".
    I'd have been quite happy with the beef fillet with mashed potatoes and peppercorn sauce - looks like they treated you very well indeed! :)

  6. Megan - It is a very pretty part of the Vaucluse, worth a visit.

    Sara - If you are in or near Carpentras, Chez Serge is definitely a good dining choice. During truffle season, they do lots of truffle dishes.

    ditdit - Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, the girls were very successful with their shopping, bought tons of kids clothes as they were having a lot of specials.

    Camille - We have definitely found that big groups are problamatic in France but Chez Serge was most accommodating.

    Tuula - The food was delicious and we had a good time together as you can tell from the pictures.

  7. One more example of synonymy. We heard about Chez Serge only on Thursday from a woman who has enjoyed and thanked us after each visit to La Lyriste.

    We WILL try it out.

  8. We go most often after the Friday morning market in Carpentras. We went by the La Lyriste several times while we were in Sablet over the holidays but never found it open. So we still have it on our list to try when we return later this year.