Wednesday, September 28, 2011

She's Just Too Cute!

I love being a grandfather or "papa" as I am known to our four adorable mischievous grandchildren. However, I was sure I would not like being a grandfather nor did I think I was ready or nearly old enough to become a grandfather when my daughter Tricia and son-in-law Alvin announced that was exactly what was going to happen one night at a family dinner about 6 years ago.

Tricia didn't even get the big announcement out of her mouth when I had a horrible premonition about what she was going to say and shouted "Please God, don't tell me you're pregnant". I didn't think she was old enough to be a mother, although she was thirty years old, and I didn't think that she and Alvin were settled enough either, and I hated the thought of being called "grandpa".

Somehow, magically that all changed when I held first granddaughter Avery in my arms shortly after her birth some five plus years ago. Since Avery's arrival, daughter Stephanie and husband Earl gave us grandson Dylan. That was followed by Tricia's second child, a boy named Caedon and last but not least, baby Madison, joined the family via Stephanie and Earl a little over 10 months ago.

There is nothing better than walking into the house and having someone yell "papa" and come running at break neck speed with arms out stretcched for me to pick up and give a hug. I love the fact that its my job to spoil them. I love it when Dylan whispers conspiratorially into my ear "papa, can I come over and watch something with you and have a cookie (TV and cookies are limited at his house)"? I love it.

Grandma, or "GiGi" as she is known to the grand kids, took the picture below of baby Madison a few days ago. Madison is just so cute; I had to share the picture with all of you who read my blog about Provence. She stands wobbly and has taken a few steps and is fast becoming quite the independent little lady. I think she will give brother Dylan a run for his money.

Now this is generally a blog about our experiences in Provence and I am proud to say that Madison's first airplane trip was to Provence when she was six weeks old. So thank you for indulging grandfatherly bragging about my grandchildren.

People we meet frequently ask us if we are going to ever live full time in Sablet. While we love Sablet, we both agree we will never live there full time away from our children and especially Avery, Dylan, Caedon and Madison.

They are full of energy and keep us running to keep up with their activities. Avery started kindergarten this year, she is going to a Spanish immersion school and is quickly learning some basic Spanish. We wish there was a French immersion school but the closest one is in San Francisco and too far away for daily commuting.

Dylan loves all things sports and outdoors, takes after his father Earl who is a high school physical education teacher. Maybe this is grandfatherly pride, but I am convinced that Dylan is going to be a star athlete some day. He is remarkably gifted for a little boy less than four years of age.

Caedon is just figuring out the world, learning to use the potty, trying to keep up with cousin Dylan. Caedon and Dylan started pre-school this year and I can imagine they are quite the handful for their teachers. We will see how this all turns out.

Don't worry Tricia and Stephanie, I promise I will show off pictures of Avery, Dylan and Caedon whenever GiGi takes some new cute pictures for me to post on this blog. We are headed to Sablet next week and we can't wait. But you can be certain we will miss the daily hugs and good times with Avery, Dylan, Caedon and Madison.

Bonne journée mes amis et à très bientôt.


  1. A lovely post Michel, thanks for sharing your love for your grandchildren...they are lucky to have you :) bonne journee et bon weekend!

  2. What a cute little one - congratulations Shirley and Michel!

  3. Tuula - Thank you so much for your sweet feedback. I think it is actually the other way around; we are very lucky and blessed to have these four sweet, healthy grandchildren.

    Barbara - Thank you so much Barbara. I would like to think that I was responsible for them turning out that way but I know that is not the case. We hope to see you soon.

  4. She is soooo cute! The picture is just wonderful. You are very lucky and it's awesome that you devoted an entire post to your grandkids!

  5. Ashley - Thank you. Yes, she is definitely sweet. I love seeing her do new things almost every day.

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