Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reserved Parking for Mommies to Be

We do most of our shopping at the weekly markets that take place in Vaison-la-Romaine and Carpentras or at one of the boulangeries, the boucherie or épicerie Vival owned by our friends Alain and Mimi in Sablet.

From time to time, we go to the Intermarché on the Route de Nyons on the north side of Vaison-la-Romaine to pick up staples, paper goods and cleaning supplies for the house. The Intermarché is also a good place to buy gasoline or diesel for our car.

On one of our visits to the Intermarché a few weeks ago, we noticed that there was special parking reserved for pregnant women right by the front door. Since I had my camera, I couldn't resist taking some pictures to share with you.

Now this reserved parking may have been there for a while but we don't remember seeing it before now. What struck me besides the fact I have never seen reserved parking for pregnant women is there is no reserved parking at this Intermarché for other handicapped drivers.

We don't see a lot of handicap parking in France at all. And since the French and us too now, I must admit, park anywhere we find a space including on sidewalks, I am not sure handicap parking would be respected by drivers searching for a spot to squeeze into.

Is there handicap parking designated in the South of France? Is it respected? Tell me what you think.

Bonne journée mes amis et à très bientôt.


  1. You are right there is not a lot of handicapped parking around, I had not thought of it. I think our local LeClerc has some, but I am not certain. I will remember to look next time I go there. I have certainly never seen parking for pregnant Mums anywhere not in the UK or S.Africa. New one on me. Diane

  2. I've seen bits of handicapped parking here and there in Provence, but I have never seen the pregnancy parking... but there are loads of pregnant and new mom parking in Texas. it's not a law, just something nice the stores do.

  3. a lot of the big shopping centers around here have handicapped and expectant women parking, and they are for the most part respected. But the city is designating handicapped parking spots on the already over-crowded streets, and they are not respected as there is too little parking anyway!

  4. I have been looking around and most of the supermarkets seem to have wheelchair parking, but certainly no parking for pregnant women! Diane

  5. I wish the handicap parking sign was around when I was pregnant! I remember joking about it at the time, but still thinking what a great idea :) I have seen this sign around is some of the bigger super market stores and yes there are handicap signs. I posted a photo of a funny handicap sign on my blog sometime ago. The saying said, "vous prenez ma place? prenez mon handicap!" with a picture of wheelchair above it. It was quite "in your face", but very on target and got my attention! It's nice to see that the French are finally recognizing that these signs are important. As time goes on maybe we will see more of both the pregnant woman and handicap spot. I, for one, would welcome it!

  6. As several of you have pointed out plus my friend Barbara at Cuisine de Provence who sent me a picture, there are handicap signs at some of the larger stores. Barbara went on to say that the Vaison-la-Romaine Lion's club have put signs like Ashley describes that say "If you want to take my parking take my handicap, too."