Saturday, September 1, 2012

Le Mesclun Restaurant, Séguret

I walked up the hill and through Porte Reynier, the arched portal that cuts through the thick old defensive wall around Séguret to the central square. Although very small as central squares go, the one in Séguret is unusually pretty with a 14th-century stone bell tower topped by a 17th-century belfry. There is also a unique 17th century fountain with four heads.

As I walk through the central square, I stop to admire the items displayed in the window of La Maison d'Eglantine tea room, I love food you know, and I am treated to the aroma of freshly baked cookies and cakes drifting out the open door. Those aromas arouse memories of a simple lunch Shirley and I had at La Maison d'Eglantine a couple of years bck.

I am on my way to lunch at Le Mesclun Restaurant and since I don't have a reservation, I don't linger long so I won't be turned away because the restaurant is complet (full).

I had arrived late the night before in Sablet from California, actually early morning, just as the Fête de Musique, the music party that takes place in French villages on the day of summer solstice was winding up and I figured Le Mesclun would be a good way to recover from bad airplane food.

When I ask the young man who greets me at the door if I can get a table for lunch, he responds "mais oui monsieur" (of course), follow me. The sky is bright blue and there isn't a cloud in the sky so I am happy to sit on the pretty terrace with the view out over the vineyards towards Sablet. I make note to reserve this table for a romantic dinner with Shirley when we return in the fall.

After contemplating the menu options, I order the three-course Douceurs "Des Dentelles de Montmirail" menu for 35 Euros. For starter, chef Christophe offered Velouté glacé de piquillos à l'huile d'olive de Séguret, Taboulé de quinoa menthe-zestes d'orange, Escargots de Provence en beignets croustillants (chilled red pepper soup with a quinoa tabbouleh with mint and orange zest and escargots in crispy beignets).

The chef followed the starter with Râble de lapin du Vaucluse en pot au feu du Maraîcher, Court bouillon d'herbes au bâton de réglisse, Crème fouettée de moutarde-miel (saddle of rabbit with market vegetables in an herb court bouillon infused with vanilla sticks and cream of honey mustard).

To finish, the chef served a freshly baked apple tart with sorbet accompanied by a slice of roasted pineapple. While the dessert was delicious, it seemed wrong to me to serve roasted pineapple when the market was full of local berries and stone fruit such as peaches and apricots.

We have eaten at Le Mesclun Restaurant quite a few times and chef Christophe finishes every dessert with greenery which imo does nothing for the presentation.

If you are in Séguret or nearby at lunch time, Le Mesclun is a very good choice. The food is well prepared, delicious and the terrace is a wonderful place to linger over a good meal and chilled glass of local rosé before or after a walk around the beautiful village of Séguret.

Have a great weekend! Bonne journée mes amis et à bientôt.

Le Mesclun
Rue des Poternes
84110 Séguret
Tel: 04 90 46 93 43


  1. Looks good! Miam!
    ps I am drink a red from Sablet tonight :)

  2. Meredith - A good place to eat if you are ever in our neighborhood. I am looking forward to stalking up on the 2010's from the area when we return in a few weeks. They say the 2010 vintage will be one of the best ever rivaling the 2007s and 2009s.

  3. Sorry I am getting behind with my blogging and I seem to be missing a lot!! The food looks fantastic, we always end up in the Les Routiers, very cheap good food but it does not look so fancy LOL. Hope all is well Diane

  4. Diane - Nice to hear from you. I hope you are well. While somewhat more expensive than Les Routiers, I think you can find very nice meals in good restaurants if you search hard enough.

  5. I just found a photo of this restaurant in a thrift store here in Idaho! I thought it was so pretty i had to have it! I googled it, came up with the location and their facebook page! I also messaged them, sending the pic and asked if it was their restaurant and the messaged back that it was! Now i have come across your lovely blog and just had to respond. It is now on my bucket list to visit! Thanks for the info! Tammy