Friday, March 15, 2013

Bragging on Bistro Des Copains

OK, all of you who read Our House in Provence blog regularly probably get a little tired of my mentioning the little French country bistro called Bistro Des Copains that I co-own with friends in Occidental, California.

Well two weeks ago, we received an unexpected visit from the food critic for the Press Democrat, our local newspaper here in Northern California. We figured out who the diner was pretty quickly because of the number of dishes they ordered to eat. I say "they" because Mr. Cox came into dine with John Ash, one of the most recognizable chefs, authors and teachers in Northern California.

Chef John Ash is known as the “Father of Wine Country Cuisine”. In 1980 Chef John Ash opened his namesake restaurant, John Ash in Santa Rosa, CA. It was the first restaurant in Northern California wine country to focus on local, seasonal ingredients used to create dishes that complemented the wines being made in the region.

We have been waiting on pins and needles since that night for the review to appear. Then last Friday, the Press Democrat sent out a staff photographer to take pictures of the Bistro and some of the dishes we serve. So we knew that the review would be on the paper's website and in the Sunday edition soon.

Well here it is folks; the review was posted on the Press Democrat's website this morning and will appear in print on Sunday in the Living Section. Except for the Apple Tart Tatin which was obviously not good the night he was there, I am pleased with Jeff Cox's review. Make sure you check out the photo gallery with his review. What do you think? When you read the review and see the gallery pictures, you will see why I posted a picture of our Pissaladière; looks pretty good, no?

Have a great weekend. À bientôt.


  1. Such a great review! My only regret is that we don't get to eat there more frequently.

  2. Félicitations Michel & Co. The food critic definitely enjoyed the meal chez Bistro des Copains. I would be quite happy to visit and would probably HAVE to have the French fries and pissaladière (burnt crust or not...) Very intrigued by the Salade de Raclette. A wonderfully eclectic selection... Who knows? I may make it to Occidental one day, and if I do, count me in, for lunch or dinner! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  3. That was a pretty good review!

  4. Triciajean - I appreciate your leaving such a sweet comment and I appreciate the help you give with the Bistro menu.

    Bonjour Veronique - I would be so honored to have you come and dine at Bistro Des Copains. If you are ever in the area, please let me know so we can plan to dine together.

    Meredith - Thank you so much for the compliment. Restaurants live and die on reviews in the paper and comments left by diners on Yelp, Trip Advisor and Zagat.

  5. Now finally we get to see what is being served at Bistro des Copains and it looks great and I bet tatstes even better! The crust of Pissaladière can't help but being burnt, that is authentic! Congratulations Michel!

  6. How wonderful! I would love to dine at your restaurant one day. And personally, I think the Pissaladière looks delicious :)

  7. Barbara - I always think of you when I post pictures of the Bistro's food on facebook or this blog. Thank you so much for your interest.

    Sara - I would be so honored to have you come and dine at the Bistro. Thanks for the nice feedback about the Pissaladiere.