Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Window into Café des Sports in Sablet

Of the many things we like about Sablet - the village we are privileged to call home in Provence - Café des Sports is at the top of the list. Oh I love the unique beehive-shape of Sablet, the restored defensive walls, friendly shopkeepers and the lighted bell tower that stands like a beacon over the village to guide us home at night. It is easy to see that Sablet would not be as much fun without Café des Sports.

Village events take place at Place de l'Aire de la Croix, the main square in Sablet across the street from Café des Sports. The weekly market, the "brocantes" (flea markets), craft fairs, the Fête de la Musique (summer solstice music festival) on June 21, the Journée du Livre (the book festival) on the third weekend of July, the five-day Fête Votive in August, and much more, all take place around Café des Sports.

Café des Sports is where workers get their morning coffee or another beverage to fortify themselves for the work day ahead. Late risers wander in after that for coffee, read newspapers and catch up on the latest gossip. Worker's and tourists fill tables at lunch and eat whatever special dish owner Bruno Bordeaux has cooked for Plat du Jour.

Come the end of the day, tables fill again as friends and families meet up for aperitifs or to share pizza from La Comédie pizzeria also owned by Bruno. Café des Sports buzzes with activity throughout the evening with friends visiting, others watch whatever rugby or football match or horse race is showing on the corner TV. Groups play cards too.

Sablet's Café des Sports

We are lucky to have Café des Sports in Sablet as there are many small villages in Provence that have little going on during the off season (November through March) or are quiet and dark in the evening. Café des Sports hums with activity all day long throughout the year. The energy at Café des Sports comes from the irrepressible Bruno Bordeaux who with his wife Sylvie own the café.

On this day, we sat down at the café to wait for friend Cherry to arrive. While Shirley enjoyed a glass of local rosé wine in a very big glass, Bruno can't resist charming the ladies, I shot pictures through the open window so you could have a "window" into Café des Sports.

Owner Bruno Bordeaux with Shirley

Saturday Morning Card Game

Café des Sports

Owner Bruno Bordeaux Observes the Action

If you are in Sablet, make sure you say "bonjour" to Bruno and tell him I told you to say "hi". He will take good care of you. Don't be afraid to order one of his pizzas (evenings only); they are very good. While you wait for the pizza, go to the café and order yourself a glass of Sablet wine. They are excellent.

Have a great week! Chat soon.


  1. Café des Sports is a great little spot, truly a locals ''Local'''. One of the things I love about it is that the retirement home across the road has tables and chairs outside the front making it an extension of the café - no matter your age and those who are getting on a bit in life can sit and enjoy their daily tipple while enjoying the buzz of the café without going more than a few metres over the threshold! The pizzas are worth travelling for too, excellent stuff!

  2. That sounds like the perfect place to meet up with the locals and enjoy the Plat du Jour. Have a good day, Diane

  3. Whenever we're in Sablet I'll make sure you do that. Your photos of inside Café des Sports are oh so typical!

    (I'm back to blogging)

  4. Nikki - Thanks for stopping in to check out my blog; I appreciate this very much. You have described the relationship between the retirement home and Café des Sports.

    Diane - It is certainly the perfect place for us; it is a place where we are welcome and treated like a local family.

    Nathalie - Thank you. I am happy to hear you are back to blogging. I have missed your posts.

  5. Ahh..Bruno. He is Sablet!. I recognize some the regulars..wouldn't dare sit in their favorite spots. So glad you were able to show Bruno and Sylvie the West Coast USA. Bruno once bragged to me that he had been to New York City to see the 9/ll location. Bet he is bragging all over the Vaucluse now about his friends in California.