Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sablet 1900 - Provence Village Festival

As you know, we own a house in Sablet, in the Vaucluse region of Provence France. We think Provence is a magical place, especially our region. Throughout the year, there are various festivals around the region, lots of them during the height of the tourist season in June, July and August.

Last weekend was the 27th annual Journée du Livre (book festival) in Sablet which is the biggest festival of the year in Sablet. So I was super surprised to read on my friend Barbara's blog Cuisine de Provence that there was a "Sablet 1900" village festival in Sablet this weekend.

We did not go to Sablet this summer for lots of good reasons, including a month-long visit from Mathilde, the niece of Bruno and Sylvie who own Cafe des Sports in Sablet, and the arrival of a precious new granddaughter Jilian Kensie a week ago. If we were there, we would have shared pictures of the Sablet 1900 festival with you. Instead, I am sharing Barbara's post on my blog.

Before I do that, I should tell you that if you live in the Vaucluse or are visiting the area and you want to increase your repertoire of Provence dishes or you want to learn how to cook Provence dishes to impress your friends back home, you should take a class from Barbara. You can find all of the information on her website.

We almost missed it - there were no flyers distributed and no posters advertised this lovely Provençal village fête "Sablet 1900" this morning in our neighboring village of Sablet. And although it is the height of the tourist season in Provence we heard no Dutch, no English, no German - it seems the Sabletains (as the inhabitants of Sablet are called) wanted to keep this true village fête for themselves.

A magnificent Gallic Rooster

 Très chic - very elegant ladies

 L'accordéoniste - accordion player

 This is how coffee was cooked in 1900

 Monsieur le Curé - the Village Priest

 Le Berger - The Shepherd

 Traditional Provençal Dance

Le Facteur - the Postman

You can see why we love Sablet. The Sabletains love to have a good time and put on great festivals. Thank you so much Barbara for taking the pictures. Have a great week. A bientot.

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  1. Hello Michel - what an honor to find my "Sablet 1900" reposted on your wonderful blog! I was indeed thinking of you and Shirley yesterday and we even passed by your house! Hope to see you in Provence soon!
    Bises, Barbara