Saturday, June 4, 2011

Le Bateleur Restaurant, Vaison-la-Romaine

From the moment we signed the papers to buy our house in Sablet we have been planning for the time when we could spend New Years in Sablet with our daughters, their husbands and children all at one time. As readers of Our House in Provence blog know, we did that this year.

We knew from the beginning that with such a large group including grandchildren Avery age 4 years, Dylan 3 years, Caedon 2 years and newly arrived Madison 1 month old, that we would have to eat most meals at home. We are somewhat realistic and figured it was unlikely we could do that every meal, after all, we are co-owners of Bistro Des Copains, and we all love to eat in restaurants.

New Year's day, having welcomed in New Years with cousins Jean Marc and Christine and a Galette des Rois - King's Cake with fève - a sort of lucky charm that bestows privileges on the person who gets the piece with the fève, the kids decided they wanted to go out to eat in a restaurant.

They really wanted a break from their kids so GG (greatest grandma) kindly offered to stay home with them. Papa was needed to pay the bill so I got to go along on this outing. I called around to find a restaurant, this being a Saturday, lunch, New Year's day, there were not a lot of options, but Le Bateleur Restaurant in Vaison la Romaine was open and not fully reserved.

Le Bateleur Restaurant is located at Place Théodore Aubanel just across the Roman bridge in Vaison la Romaine's lower city, site of the ancient Roman colony and the modern town.

Baby Madison joined us on this outing since she is still nursing; shown here at Le Bateleur Restaurant with her auntie Tricia. I should mention that when I tried to take pictures on my camera, the battery was dead so the pictures on this post were taken by Tricia's husband Alvin, a professional photographer.

After examining the menu and considering the various options, we all chose the three course menu Le Géant de Provence. To accompany our meal, we selected the 2007 Domaine Jean David Séguret Rouge, a delicious blend of Grenache (67%), Mourvèdre (12%), Carignan (10%), Syrah (4%), Cinsault (4%) and Counoise (3%).

Our entrées - starters included Millefeuille de champignon et salades et les herbes - mushrooms in puff pastry with salad of greens and fresh herbs and

a tasty Soupe au Gambas - shrimp bisque.

Our plats - main courses included sauteed Dorade Grise - Black Sea Bream wrapped around roasted squash and

oven roasted Poulet - chicken over diced vegetables and

grilled Boeuf Charolais et épeautre comme risotto - beef from Charolais with spelt cooked risotto style. All of our main courses were garnished with rosemary.

Some chose to finish with a selection of cheeses aged to perfection by Josiane Deal at Lou Canesteou in Vaison la Romaine.

Others chose to finish with something sweet off of the dessert menu. Unfortunately, I failed to make note of what they were so I can't tell you. Maybe you can tell me.

Here is the other dessert.

Le Bateleur Restaurant is under the same ownership with Le Mesclun in Séguret where we have eaten several times. We love the terrace at Le Mesclun and we have enjoyed our meals there, but I think our meal New Year's Day at Le Bateleur was the best we have had in these two restaurants.

I hope all your meals are wonderful. Bonne appétit et à bientôt.


  1. Wow, that's very lucky that you were able to find a restaurant with enough open space to seat your group on a holiday! And the fact that it was a good restaurant? Bonus!

  2. My goodness, Michel, what a meal that was! I have just scrolled back to have another look at the pics! How lovely that you were all together!

  3. I haven't been to the Bateleur since it changed ownership but this looks very tempting!

  4. Lovely photos - the food looks mouthwatering! Impressive stuff.

  5. Camille - Struck out a few times before we tried this restaurant. It ended up being a very good choice.

    Claudia - The food was delicious. The pictures don't do the chef's preparations justice.

    Barbara - Definitely try it out; let me know what you think.

    Villas - Thanks for checking out my blog. Keep in touch.