Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shameless bragging about our Bistro Des Copains

If you have been following Our House in Provence blog, you know that I am co-owner with friend Cluney of a small French bistro in Occidental, California called Bistro Des Copains.

We have been fortunate to have many excellent reviews about the Bistro posted by diners on web sites such as Yelp, Zagat, and Trip Advisor and great reviews by critics such as Jeff Cox for the Press Democrat. But no videos to my knowledge.

That changed a a few weeks back when Kaye Cloutman who writes a wonderful blog called Clout and About came to visit the Bistro with two friends. She posted a charming cute video about their visit on You Tube which I have to share with you.

I should mention that last weekend, we celebrated the fifth anniversay of Bistro Des Copains being in business. We owe so much to our employees for their hard work and support during the past five years. especially to Ty, Julia, Allison, Debbie and Earl who have been there for us the entire five years.

We have made many for ever friends among our frequent diners. I hope that you will come to visit us at Bistro Des Copains if your travels bring you to our little part of the world in Northern California.

Bon Appétit et à bien·tôt.


  1. You must be thrilled! The video is lovely, I'd love to visit your restaurant one day :-)

  2. I would love to visit you restaurant one day too - looks wonderfully charming and very excited for your great reviews - congrats! (bookmarking for my next trip to California :)

  3. Sara and Tuula - It would be a great honor and thrill for me to have you dine at Bistro Des Copains. I would take good care of you. We have been blessed with a great staff; I can't take any credit for their achievements.

  4. Congratulations - after hearing so much about Bistro Des Copains it is real nice to see what it is like!

  5. After following your blog for several months, we included a visit to Bistro des Copains in our trip to Sonoma county last fall. We had a lovely dinner, and enjoyed chatting with you. The great food at your Bistro added even more credibility to your reviews of restaurants in Provence! Next fall we'll be staying at your house in Sablet. We're looking forward to that, and to returning to California to the Bistro again. Here's to great food, wherever you may be!

  6. Barbara - Thanks so much. I would love to have you dine with us at Bistro Des Copains.

    Kathy - Hi Kathy; nice to hear from you. I was very honored that you guys made the trip to dine at Bistro Des Copains. I am excited about your trip to Sablet and look forward to a future visit to the Bistro. Let me know if you have any questions as you plan for your trip. Stay in touch.

  7. cute video. Makes me hungry!