Monday, September 4, 2017

Fishing at the Lake of Sablet

This summer, daughter Stephanie and family spent several weeks visiting us in Sablet. Her husband Earl and son Dylan love to fish together and hoped to fish while they were in Provence. Since I don't fish, I didn't know where to go, whether or not permits are required or where to get tackle and bait.

Sablet from the road to Séguret

I know a lot about Sablet and the Northern Vaucluse, but didn't have a clue about fishing. A couple days after we arrived, it was granddaughter Jilian's third birthday and friends Bruno and Sylvie, the owners of the Café des Sports, came to celebrate with us. They arrived with packages for all three kids including a rod and reel, and tackle box for Dylan.

Sign for Sablet

We have learned over the years that Bruno is a fountain of information about the area and he knew fishing permits are sold at the Vaison-la-Romaine Tourist Office, where to get live bait, and surprisingly, that there is a lake in Sablet where you can fish. Who knew?

Lake of Sablet

The Lake of Sablet, also known as the Etang des Jardins, is located between Sablet and Rasteau off the D69. The lake is divided into two parts and has a surface area of almost 14 acres. The depth ranges from 6 to 9 feet.

Lake of Sablet

Several sites devoted to fishing on the web indicate the Lake of Sablet is populated with Black Bass, Perch and Trout.

Grandson Dylan fishing at the Lake of Sablet

Earl, Dylan and I got to the Lake early in the morning and we watched as Dylan cast from the shore at several places around the lake. We hadn't picked up worms yet so Dylan baited his hook with grasshoppers he caught in tall grass. He had several bites on grasshoppers but none on the hook so we went home empty handed.

Grandson Dylan

Dylan didn't catch anything that day but he did catch 3 good size fish in the Ouvèze River a couple days later below the Roman bridge in Vaison-la-Romaine. Dylan would be happy to fish every day so next time he comes back to Sablet, I am sure we will return to the Lake of Sablet to try our luck again.

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