Saturday, September 9, 2017

Jilian's birthday party at our house in Sablet

I mentioned in several posts, that we were the happy beneficiaries of a visit this summer from daughter Stephanie, husband Earl, and grandchildren Dylan, Madison and Jilian. This followed on the heels of a visit a year earlier of daughter Tricia, husband Alvin and grandchildren Avery and Caedon.

One of the fun coincidences of the visit was that the 3rd birthday of little Jilian occurred while we were in Sablet together. So we planned a special meal and invited friends Bruno and Sylvie, the owners of Café des Sports, to come celebrate with us.

Granddaughter Jilian on her birthday

Grandchildren Madison, Jilian, and Dylan in Sablet

Jilian blows out the candles on her lemon tart

Sylvie and Bruno

Jilian and her mom Stephanie

Jilian loved being the center of attention and was all smiles throughout the evening. Her happiness is infectious and we enjoyed a special evening with our wonderful friends and family.

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  1. Great to have visitors especially family. Something I miss being an only child and having no children of my own. Bet the children had a great time. Diane