Monday, January 11, 2010


Cassis is a small quiet resort town in the Bouches-du-Rhone region of Provence, 1 hour and 40 minutes south of Sablet on the Mediterranean Sea.

We love Cassis and try to visit every time we are in Provence no matter what the season. With its narrow streets, pastel colored houses and Provençal street names, the town is like something straight out of a Marcel Pagnol novel.

The local author penned best sellers such as La Gloire de Mon Père, Le Château de Ma Mère and most famously, Fanny.

There are a number of beaches in and around Cassis. The main beach is Plage de la Grande Mer which is a sandy beach, and usually quite busy. There are other beaches within walking distance from the center of the village such as Plage du Corton and Plage de l'Arène.

Cassis first became famous for its limestone cliffs of calanque which were used for the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The port is lined with terrace cafés and restaurants, offering a variety of food and prices. There are even more restaurants on the many little streets of the village away from the port.

One of the places we have tried is "La Paillote" on the Quai Barthelemy

I had the Bouillabaisse, a specialty along the Mediterranean Sea.


  1. This is a gorgeous blog. The photos are great and the tourist tips about villages and restaurants are terrific. If we didn't have to lug around three kids, we might get to some of the great restaurants you mention. But until they're older (or out of the house) we mainly stick to places that have pizza on the menu. Domamge! I love that you've started this!

  2. Hi there, just breezed onto your lovely blog and was charmed to see those lovely photos of Cassis! I stayed in a little village called Bouc bel Air in 07 for a months holiday,and we visited Cassis twice , it was about a 40min drive,what a stunning place!
    I love your older pics and posts on the markets for which France is famous,i was at a few in Aix en Provence and the photos could match that too!
    The south of france is the nicest area i think in France for weather and scenery!

  3. My dad and I used to loooove to go wine-tasting in the Cassis region!

    Now that I think of it, we used to love to go wine-tasting in any region, really :)

    Enjoy! (P.S. Found your blog through French For A While). Always excited to read about France!