Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memories from La Metairie Neuve

At Bistro Des Copains, the small French bistro I co-own in Occidental California with good friends, we have pictures hanging on the wall from La Metairie Neuve.

As I wrote in my very first post, my love affair with France began during visits to La Metairie Neuve, a small working farm, located near the little hamlet of Viane which is about 15 km from Lacaune in Southeast Tarn.

One of my favorite's is the picture of Mémé sitting in her kitchen watching Tata Alice checking jam cooking in a pot over the fire while a Le Creuset pot sits below cooking something wonderfully tasty, I am sure.

We intentionally positioned this picture near the kitchen so that Mémé can keep her eye on what is cooking at Bistro Des Copains.

I am comforted somehow that this picture is in Bistro Des Copains, my homage to French bistro food; this picture shows the first great French chef in my life and the place I fell in love with France and French cooking.

Another favorite picture is that of Pépé watering his work horse, either Fanny or PonPon, I can't recall which, at the trough in front of the barn.

In an earlier post, I show Shirley and my cousin Jean Marc Davy standing in the same location, just a few months back. Pépé is no longer there but not much else has changed.

Water from the spout - which runs continually into the trough- is from a spring on the mountain above La Metairie Neuve; fifty years later, its still running and is still the best place to get a cold drink of water on a hot day.

As you look at these pictures, you can see why La Metairie Neuve made such an impression on me as little boy and why I try to get back there every chance I can.

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  1. Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog. Love the image of Mémé watching over the kitchen. It's no wonder you fell in love with French cooking!