Tuesday, January 5, 2010

La Metairie Neuve Today

I am often asked by guests at Bistro Des Copains if La Metairie Neuve, the family farm near Viane in the Tarn region in Southern France is still in the family. I am pleased to say that yes, although it is no longer a working farm, several aunts and uncles live there and a number of cousins have vacation homes on the property.

We always try to go to La Metairie Neuve during our trips to Sablet to visit the family, see the farm and relive fond memories of pleasant times as kids spent at what was for us the happiest place on earth. We have recently had the pleasure of introducing our sons-in-law to La Metairie Neuve.

The Metarie Neuve in winter.

In front of Tonton Rene and Tata Ida's house.

One of the barns as evening comes with falling snow.

The house of Mémé and Pépé where Tata Alice and Tonton Ivan now live.

Shirley Augsburger in front of fountain with cousin Jean Marc.

Tonton Rene, cousin Anne-Emmanuelle, wife Shirley, Nicolas, daughter Stephanie with son Dylan.

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