Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Le Temps De Vivre, Uchaux

I was reading emails one day last summer and happy to find one with questions about Sablet, the village we call home when we are in Provence. Bob, the writer of the email, said he and his wife were going to be in Sablet in September and had stumbled across our blog when he Googled "Sablet to Cassis" to figure out the distance between Sablet and Cassis, one of our favorite towns on the Mediterranean Sea.

Bob began his email by explaining he is a planner and likes to carefully plan their trips and asked if I would be willing to answer a few questions about Sablet and the surrounding area despite the fact, he was sorry to say, they were not renting our house.

I love to talk about Sablet and the Vaucluse and I am always happy to share what knowledge I have about our beautiful corner of Provence. I was thrilled Bob found our blog and emailed as it is always nice to know there are people in cyberspace reading what I write.

I know some of you who read my blog, and I have become cyber friends with others, mostly fellow bloggers who comment regularly; thank you, I hope to meet up with you in the future. Some readers dine regularly at our Bistro Des Copains, and a couple readers made special trips to dine there, which I consider a great honor. I know some of my family read the blog but I don't really know who else reads it.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with Le Temps De Vivre? Well that first email from Bob was followed by several more and we soon figured out that wife Shirley and I were going to be in Sablet at the same time as Bob and Lynn (his wife). We exchanged contact information in Sablet and made plans to get together.

We met up several times for l'apéro, a delightful moment of the day in France when you can slow down, have a drink, and transition between the day's activity and a pleasurable meal. We also got together for dinner at our house, along with friends from Villedieu and one evening we went to eat at Le Temps de Vivre.

Shirley and I have eaten several times at Le Temps de Vivre, a wonderful restaurant owned by the chef and his wife just north of Uchaux in the tiny hamlet of Les Farjons. We headed out with Bob and Lynn and after a pretty, 25 minute drive past vineyard after vineyard, we arrived at Le Temps de Vivre.

Entrance to Le Temps de Vivre is through the terrace dining area which was not in use this evening as it was quite cool; we were happy to be offered a table in the cozy dining room. Although it was September, and not exactly the off season, there were only one or two other tables with diners.

Shirley with our new friends Bob and Lynn from Cincinnati Ohio settling in at our table. The restaurant offers a small a La Carte menu and two set menus, one for 29 Euros and the other for 38 Euros. We all chose the set menu for 29 Euros.

To start off, the chef's wife brought us a glass with chilled tomato soup accompanied by a house-made bread stick with ham from the Vallée des Aldudes in the Pays-Basque.

Our first course was brandade of flaked cod, topped with pimientos de piquillos, small roasted red peppers from Navarra, Spain surrounded with a creamy garlic emulsion.

For our meat course, we were served Parmentier, shepherd's pie with shredded duck leg confit topped with mashed potatoes with vigneronne sauce, a delicious blend of shallots, red wine, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Since Shirley doesn't eat meat, the chef prepared her a delicious pan roasted swordfish served over eggplant "caviar", a tomato Provencal and a tapenade vinaigrette.

To transition to dessert, we were offered a small round of local chèvre, goat's cheese and a small green salad.

For dessert, we all enjoyed poached figs with sacristain au sucre roux, twisted puff pastry with baked brown sugar.

Every time we go to Le Temps de Vivre, I come away thinking it is one of the best price to quality restaurants in the area. I should reiterate, that it is a very small menu with few options so it is best for those who have few dislikes or food allergies. Bon appetit.

We are looking forward to a visit from Bob and Lynn to Northern California next summer.

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