Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saignon, Pretty Village in the Luberon

One Sunday morning we were meeting cousin Annick to explore some Luberon villages. As we were walking to our car to go meet her, we ran into an American couple we had met earlier in the week. They were leaving Sablet to return home so we chatted for a few minutes about their time in Provence.

They said they loved Sablet and had visited some of our favorite villages including Vaison-la-Romaine, Roussillon and Cassis but to my surprise, they said their favorite village was Saignon, a village in the Luberon we knew nothing about.

We met Annick in Bonnieux (more about that visit later) and since she didn't know Saignon either, we decided to go there. Saignon is about one and one-half hours drive southeast of Sablet near Apt, about 15 minutes from Bonnieux. Our first sight of Saignon as we arrived on the road from Bonnieux was a church.

The village of Saignon is perched at the top of a hill behind a rock with a great view over the plains.

Like most villages of France, Saignon has a war memorial dedicated "Aux Enfants de Saignon Morts Pour la France" - To the Children of Saignon Dead for France, near the ramparts with a great view over the Luberon.

We walked down the narrow streets of peaceful Saignon stopping frequently to

admire pretty houses with colorful shutters and potted gardens.

The mairie - town hall festooned with flags.

Across the way is the 12th century Romanesque church of Notre-Dame de Pitié.

The interior of Notre-Dame de Pitié. The church is also known as Saint Mary of Saignon.

A tree-shaded café.

The main square of Saignon with its ancient fountain.

The tall clock tower built in 1584 against a back drop of vivid blue Provençal sky.

Saignon is full of pretty houses such as this charming stone house next to one with pretty blue shutters.

The church of Notre-Dame de Pitié stands over the village.

A Saignon house with stone walls that are covered with green ivy.

The path through the stone archway leads up to the castle - chapel and rock of Saignon.

The castle - chapel which blends in with the rock of Saignon.

Wife Shirley enjoying the panoramic view over the plains.

The view from the rock of Saignon is breathtaking on a clear day.

More scenic views from Saignon.

As we were walking to our car, we came upon this local man making lavender wands. He had a sign which read "no photo" and underneath that "photo 5 Euro". I snapped a quick picture (I did it on the sly so I wouldn't have to pay) while Shirley and Annick chatted with him.

There is not much commercial activity in Saignon but I would visit anyway as the village is most charming and worthwhile to visit if you are in the Luberon. Enjoy your visit.


  1. Ślicznie tutaj, zapisuję sobie to miasteczko do odwiedzenia podczas następnej podróży do Prowansji, kocham te miejsca!

  2. I know Saignon well! You're in my neck of the woods :-)

  3. That's funny about the "no photo" sign. I wonder if people actually pay? Besides, how would he enforce it? It's not like he is on private property.

  4. Theresa - dziękuję za odwiedzenie mojego bloga.

    Sara - We are having fun exploring your "neck of the woods". I get the impression that we have barely scratched the surface.

    Megan - Spoken like a true cute.

  5. Oh, what a lovely town! Looks like you're really enjoying your holidays so far & these photos make me want to hop in the car as soon as I return for a petit trip to Saignon :)
    And how nice to see the sunshine...looking forward to more updates from Provence!
    Bonjour from California :)

  6. I have just stumbled on your site after doing a google search on Saignon - why because I just finished a novel which opens in Saignon and the lavender carries through the entire book! I wanted to see pix for myself. You are living my dream, one day I hope to do as you have done and buy our little piece en France but until then, we can live vicariously through you ...merci

    1. Caroline - Thanks for stopping in to check out my blog. I am happy you enjoyed the post about Saignon. I hope you can fulfill your dream to get a little place in France. Hope you will be a frequent visitor to the blog. Incidentally, I love stories set in the south of France. What is the name of the novel?

    2. HI Michel, the novel is called The Lavender Keeper by Fiona McIntosh. It is a light read, but I like you are drawn to anything French and Provincial!


    3. I also came across this site after finishing reading the lavender keeper and and a google search! The sequel is now available...The French Promise. :)

  7. 3.5 kilometres from Saignon , Les Parfum des Collines We have just stayed there and it is beautiful . Take the Auribeau rd from Saignon. Not to fast or you will be miss the turnoff , Google it or better still pay a visit