Sunday, December 19, 2010

Provence for the Holidays; Looking for Ideas!

We are ready for Christmas here in California. The tree is beautiful, simply decorated by wife Shirley, only one tree this year, rather than our usual two. We are staying slightly low key this year because we are all leaving for Provence right after Christmas.

When I say all, I mean everyone including daughters Tricia and Stephanie, their husbands Alvin and Earl and our four adorable, if I say so myself, grandchildren Avery (4 years), Dylan (3 years), Caedon (2 years) and Madison (1 month old).

We have a few santons set out which I bought a few years ago in Les Beaux. I bought them for display at our Bistro Des Copains but we don't have the space for a creche at the Bistro so we have the santons at home.

The only family member staying home is Abbi. Abbi is a 150 pound Newfoundland. She is as sweet and loving as she can be; yes she does drool some, especially after she eats, drinks or runs. Abbi thinks she is human and never likes to be more than a few steps away from us even when we sleep.

Abbi will be home watching over the house, we think it would be complicated and hard on Abbi to travel in a plane so she doesn't get to come to Provence when we go.

This will be our first time in Sablet or anywhere in Provence at Christmas time or for New Years. The last time I was in France at this time of year was back in 1966 and 1967 when we lived in Strasbourg while my father was a doctoral student at the University of Strasbourg.

We don't have many plans so we are looking for suggestions for things to do. We are looking forward to catching up with neighbors, meeting with friends in Villedieu and of course spending time with our French family. I am especially looking forward to meeting several of the bloggers I follow who live in the Vaucluse.

So what are good things to do or see at this time of year in the Vaucluse? We will have two cars so we can go different places but we are looking for some things to do that our grandkids will enjoy. I know for one thing, we are going to Avignon's Place de l'Horloge so they can ride the carousel.

As you probably know, we are co-owners of a small bistro called Bistro des Copains in Northern California. Most of my family love food and wine so if there are special food and wine events, special markets, that would be right up our alley. I want to find truffles where should I go?

Are there any special or unique celebrations to bring in the New Year? Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated! We wish you all Happy Holidays!


  1. I wish I knew more about the South of France to give you ideas! I know there should be Christmas markets everywhere, and that you should be sure to drink some vin chaud. Truffles mostly come from Périgord, near the Atlantic, but I think they may also grow in Piedmont, just over the Italian border.

  2. Afternoon coffee at our house? If you're in the area...

    Merry Christmas. Say hello to the entire family.