Saturday, November 6, 2010

Avery's Sleepover with Papa and GG (greatest grandma)

Last night on my way home from Bistro Des Copains, the small French bistro I co-own with my friends Cluney and Ferney, daughter Tricia told me that her 4 year old daughter Avery was doing a sleep over at our house.

I was elated to hear this since Avery has not done too many sleep overs so far. Tricia warned me that Avery generally wanders to their bed and before the night is over, Avery is horizontal and Tricia and husband Alvin are fighting to not be pushed off the bed.

When I got home, wife Shirley had the light on in the bathroom next to the room where Avery was sleeping and the hallway lit up so Avery would have a well-lighted path to our room. Well, come 7:00 this morning when I got up, I discovered that Avery had not left her room.

Shirley tells me that although we didn't have to fight with Avery for room in the bed last night, she (Shirley) had to listen to Abbi (our 150 pound Newfoundland) and me snoring all night. She was undecided about if having Avery in our bed would have made it any worse. But I digress.

I went downstairs to check emails and read the blogs I follow. Before too long, Avery came down and promptly informed me with a big proud smile, that she had slept in her bed all night! Of course, I had to give her a big hug, and then another one for good measure.

We read stories from Walt Disney's "Classic Storybook" including Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Dumbo, and Goofy, Movie Star. By the time, we were finished younger daughter Stephanie had stopped by to drop off some tasty baked treats that she had picked up at the Downtown Bakery and Creamery.

We weren't paying too much attention and Abbi did some counter grazing and snatched one of the fresh blueberry muffins and swallowed it whole or it seemed like that when wife Shirley was cleaning the muffin off the floor where Abbi threw up. A little set back to start the day.

Daughter Tricia arrived with clothes for Avery, an outfit that Shirley acquired during one of her shopping expeditions on a Friday morning in Carpentras a few weeks ago.

While I diligently scour the Carpentras market for wonderful things to eat, Shirley wanders the streets checking out the stores. Most often, she ends up with clothes for the grandkids. Here is Avery wearing an outfit that GG (greatest grandma) bought for her that morning in Carpentras.

I can't wait for the next sleepover.

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  1. Neither can I! Can Caedon come this time, too???