Sunday, November 14, 2010

Puyméras, a Pretty Village in the Northern Vaucluse

I have tried to reserve a table at Le Girocèdre restaurant in Puyméras several times but it never worked out because they were complet - all tables were reserved, the restaurant was on fermeture annuelle - annual vacation or it was fermeture hebdomadaire - the day the restaurant closes during the week.

Because we had not been able to reserve a table, we had never visited Puyméras. Our perseverence was finally rewarded and we got a table for lunch one Tuesday a few weeks ago. After spending the morning wandering through the various stalls at the market in Vaison la Romaine, we headed up the road to Puyméras.

Puyméras is located just a few km northeast of Vaison-la-Romaine, so it is a convenient spot for lunch after the Tuesday morning market or from our home in Sablet. It turns out that Puyméras is a pretty village at the northern tip of the Vaucluse near the border of the Department of the Drôme.

The village was built on a rocky outcrop surrounded by beautiful countryside dotted with homes, vineyards and lavender fields. The appearance of a few olive trees and fruit trees among the vineyards is what remains of what used to be a diversified farming area which suffered a devastating frost in 1956 so only the vineyards remain.

One of the pretty views from Puyméras.

As I said, it is a small village with a little over 600 Puymérassiens - the people who live in Puyméras.

The Romanesque church of Saint-Michel et Saint-Barthélemy with its distinctive belfry in Puyméras.

A pretty water spout we spotted as we walked around Puyméras.

As you walk around the village, you will spot beautiful old homes.

Even the post office is pretty.

Another view of the belfry of the Saint-Michel et Saint-Barthélemy church.

If you climb to the very top of the village like wife Shirley, you will get to the clock tower.

The front side of the clock tower.

The mairie - town hall of Puyméras.

Me standing near the church looking out over the surrounding countryside.

Shirley standing near the fountain and lavoir - wash house.

I will tell you about our wonderful lunch at Le Girocèdre restaurant in my next post. Regardless of whether or not you eat at Le Girocèdre restaurant, it is worth the drive to come and take a leisurely stroll through Puyméras.

Another reason to come to Puyméras are the red wines which are classified as Côtes du Rhône Villages. These wines which are a base of Grenache and Syrah and/or Mouvedre grapes are grown on stony terraces spread out over 5 hilly communities in the Drôme and northern Vaucluse.

Enjoy your visit.


  1. I love "Le Girocèdre" - a wonderful restaurant!

  2. These photos are stunning! The first one is absolutely breathtaking!

  3. Megan - As you know, the colors we see in Provence are beautiful, one of the things I love most about Provence.

    Cuisine de Provence - We do too. We can't wait to go back. I hope they are open when we are back at the end of the year.

    Sara Louise - Every direction you look out from the village had beautiful views.