Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Roundabouts - Roaix

We are fascinated by the roundabouts in the Vaucluse. Many are beautifully designed, have some type of art form and reflect something important about the town or village where they are located.

There are many pretty roundabouts in the Vaucluse Department of Provence where we live. For the next few weeks, I am posting pictures of different roundabouts in the Vaucluse. Today's roundabout is near Roaix.

A close up view of the roundabout; note the sign pointing in the counter clockwise direction that cars must go.

Check back to see other roundabouts that catch my eye in the Vaucluse. I will post these between my usual posts about our dining experiences, visits to interesting places and reflections on life in Provence.


  1. Nice photos! My favorite roundabout is the one just before entering Vaison coming from Roaix, the one with the huge old olive tree.

  2. Navigating roundabouts is probably the thing that scared me the most about driving over here. And it is funny how when you print out directions on how to get someplace, they tell you "At roundabout (name) take the fourth exit." But the names usually aren't on the roundabouts, so you have no clue if it is the right one!

  3. I like the the roundabout with the olive tree too coming into Vaison la Romaine.

    The thing I hate is how impatient other drivers get if you hesitate getting into the traffic in the roundabout or exit out of the roundabout. I have had many horns honked at me.