Sunday, November 21, 2010

Le Girocèdre Restaurant, Puyméras

As I told you in my last post, the reason we went to Puyméras in the first place was because after multiple attempts, we finally were able to secure reservations for lunch at Le Girocèdre Restaurant.

We found Le Girocèdre Restaurant after a short walk up the hill from where we parked near the fountain and wash house.

After walking through the red iron gate, we entered into the beautiful tended garden of this restaurant in the heart of Puyméras.

The restaurant's exterior wall is covered with ivy.

The garden is planted with trees and ornamental and vegetable plants. There are many nice touches such as this pretty wrought iron bench.

There are tomatoes in the garden

and herbs for the kitchen.

The restaurant has an "open kitchen" where chef Sébastien can keep his eye on what is going on in the "dining room" under the trees.

It was a beautiful sunny day and we were shown to a table shaded by the many trees in the beautiful garden.

We were not seated very long before a server brought bread and a dish of olives for us to nibble on while we looked over the menu.

We decided that a glass of nicely chilled rosé wine would be the perfect accompaniment to our lunch in this beautiful setting.

For her lunch, Shirley chose a combination platter consisting of melon, a yummy eggplant flan with fresh tomato sauce, rice, sliced tomatoes from the garden and a green salad. She loved her lunch.

For my first course, I chose the eggplant flan with tomato sauce accompanied by green salad.

For my plat - main course, I decided on the sauteed veal served with rice and purple carrots.

For dessert, Shirley finished with the chocolate mousse.

I chose the café gourmand which consisted of chocolate mousse, panna cotta, cookies and espresso.

When asked what I love most about Provence, I generally answer leisurely lunches on sunny days seated at a table shaded by trees. Le Girocèdre Restaurant is my idea of the quintessential place to have lunch in Provence.

If you go, you should know this is not Michelin star food and thankfully so as far as I am concerned. It is delicious, simply prepared from very fresh, local ingredients.

We will return many times I am sure.


  1. looks like a nice meal in a great setting.

  2. Megan, if your travels take you to the Vaison la Romaine area, this is definitely a very nice moderately priced place to have a leisurely lunch.