Sunday, May 30, 2021

Our Last Day in Beautiful Sablet in Provence

We could never have imagined that it would be more than a year and half before we might return to Sablet when we awoke on Sunday morning, October 13, 2019. Like the rest of the world, we couldn't imagine that a world-wide pandemic was about to strike that would change lives forever. 

So as is our routine on the last day of a sojourn in Sablet, we had breakfast on the terrace, returned our personal belongings to storage, emptied  trash cans and refrigerator and tidied up so the housekeepers wouldn't have to when they come to ready the house for the guests who follow. 

Shirley at Front Door

We never leave Sablet without going to pay visits to our friends who are propriétaires d'entreprise (business owners) to say good bye and fais la bise (kiss on each cheek) before we head to the TGV train station in Avignon. I snapped pictures at each stop that day.

Le Pain Medieval Boulangerie

Our first stop is at Le Pain Medieval Boulangerie to say au revoir (good bye) to the young baker Julien and his mom Jeannine. We usually have to wait in line because there is often a line out the door and cars double-parked in front with motors running while the owner dashes into the bakery to get a freshly baked baguette or some other baked treats.

Julien and his Mom

Next stop is at Votre Marché which is owned by dear friends Alain and Mimi.  Over the years we have owned our house in Sablet, I can say without a doubt, no business has undergone a more substantial and positive change than Votre Marché. 

From the previous store, with largely empty shelves, the Marché is now stocked with a large assortment of items, canned goods, wines and spirits, dairy products, cheese, charcuterie, and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.   

Chez Mimi et Alain Market

Dear Mimi does her best to encourage Shirley to "speak French Shirley". While speaking is still a challenge, especially when put on the spot, Shirley understands a great deal of what is said during conversations. I can say that she can now se débrouiller (handle herself) when she goes shopping on her own.  

Shirley and Alain and Mimi at Votre Marché.

From Votre Marché, we head to Café des Sports for a final café before we head to the train station. Unfortunately, on many Sunday mornings, including this day, the proprietor, our good and larger than life friend Bruno, is not manning the bar. So we said our "good byes" earlier. 

Shirley and Alain at Café des Sports

We have set an appointment to meet our friend Alain for coffee before we head out. Alain and his wife Danielle have become friends and we always look forward to spending time together at the bar. 

A Final Coffee at Café des Sports Before Departure

Having said our good byes, with sad hearts, we head to our car and the trip to Avignon. If we had known how long it would be before we might get back to Sablet, I am sure we would have been a lot more sad, more likely in full depression.

We are thankful that Shirley and I have been able to avoid become infected with COVID-19 and we are vaccinated and hope to return to Sablet in July. I can't put into words how much I love Sablet, our home there and all of our very special friends who have opened their hearts and homes to us interlopers. 

So we will remain optimistic, and say a bientot (see you soon). 😘

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