Thursday, July 22, 2021

The Hunt for Lavender Fields

As I told you in my previous post about my favorite things in Provence, one of them is finding purple fields of lavender under a brilliant blue summer sky. So of course, our first outing after arriving back in Sablet after our long absence due to the pandemic, was to go to Sault to see if we could find lavender fields that had not been cut. 

From previous visits, we know that the town of Sault is famous for its many fields of lavender spread around the town. The town spreads out along a ridge above lavender fields in the north-east part of the Vaucluse department about one hour from Sablet. The name Sault comes from "Saltus" referring to the forests that covered the area.


Sault is know for its lavender festival held every year on the 15th of August where games, competitions, or any activities that have to do with lavender, are held. 

War Memorial in Sault

Center of Sault

The area around Sault is also home to many fields of spelt, the ancient form of wheat grown by the Gauls and now popular with chefs and highly appreciated for its nutritional value and taste.

Church of Notre Dame de la Tour in Sault.

Sault is also popular with cyclists because of its proximity to Mont Ventoux. The climb from Sault is considered to be the easiest route to the top of Mont Ventoux with an average gradient of 4.4%.

View of Patchwork of Lavender Fields near Sault

We were worried that because harvest starts mid-July that we might have missed the lavender season for this year. But fortunately as you can see in the pictures which follow, we found plenty of lavender. 

Lavender Field 

Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Lavender Field

Aurel is a perched village between Sablet and Sault with a joined 12th century church and 13th century chateau at the top of the village. There are also a lot of lavender fields around Aurel. 


Lavender Field near Jonquières

Mont Ventoux from the Road to Sault


  1. This looks like a lovely day trip. Any recommendations on where to eat lunch in the area?

    1. We found a restaurant with a nice menu in a pretty square in Sault and took a chance on eating there without knowing anything about the restaurant. It was a good decision, we had a very nice meal, service was very well paced and professional despite being very busy at noon on Sunday. I am sorry I have tried to go and find the name and I can't seem to find it. It was more in the center of Sault rather than along the ridge overlooking the lavender fields.